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Jacob Kramer-Duffield, Ph.D

Ask me about podcasts: past, present, and future

Hello! And welcome

I’m Jacob Kramer-Duffield, Ph.D. and I’m a digital audio strategy consultant. What this means: I’ve been working in and around digital audio – which is to say, podcasts – for a decade: on audience research, analytics, monetization, growth, and strategy. I’ve helped establish the ways we measure and think about podcast downloads and audiences, for many of the leading companies in podcasts and digital audio, while working with most of the leading figures in the industry.

I won’t make your podcast for you (I know who could) but I can talk to you about pretty much everything else with regards to digital audio. Namely

  • Should I/my company have a podcast? Or engage in the audio space in some way?
  • What would that look/sound like?
  • How will that support business goals?
  • What would it take to get it done?

If you are thinking about audio in any way, and there’s a question mark at the end of those thoughts – let’s talk.

What I’ve Done

I’ve worked with major national publishers to establish their audio strategy, both editorial and business; I’ve worked with major audio startups on their audience approach and metrics; I’ve worked with major national brands and nonprofits to tell their stories via audio; and I’ve led research on best practices in audio preservation. See a run-down of one of my engagements, here. See what I think about and teach, here.

I’ve also worked with and for a range of media and audio producers, including as:

Head of Marketing and Analytics, Audiation
since 2019

Director, Data Science and Analytics, Megaphone (neƩ Panoply)
2016 – 2017

Head of Digital Analytics, New York Magazine

Manager of Digital Analytics, WNYC